Msg 8101 - An explicit value for the identity column in table '%.*ls' can only be specified when a column list is used and IDENTITY_INSERT is ON.

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SQL Server Database Error - Msg 8101

Msg 8101 - An explicit value for the identity column in table '%.*ls' can only be specified when a column list is used and IDENTITY_INSERT is ON.

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merwanThis message can happen when you do try to insert values with a query like this even with IDENTITY_INSERT ON: INSERT INTO MyTable SELECT TOP 1 * FROM MyTable You need to explicitly give the list of columns: INSERT INTO MyTable(col1, col2) SELECT TOP 1 col1, col2 FROM MyTable


AndreiBut what about Visual Basic Script? Why can't HTML and VBS be integrated? Just think of the power! Ok, so I was not being soureis-- but I hope you see the problem. As soon as you start giving preferential treatment to one script camp, all hell is going to break loose in the others. You also brought up another "problem" I see quite a bit these days-- people trying to implement "desktop" applications in the web environment. There are just some things best done through local client code, and no matter how good you are, trying to approximate it using a web browser WILL FAIL. I offer a different alternative: What about designing your app as an embedable ActiveX or Java application that is simply accessed and downloaded/cached locally-- you still have the ability to control downloads, content/version, etc, and you gain all the benefits of access to a full Win32 API executed locally-- so you can do all those fancy real-time windows-based operations-- and the code can still run "inside" a browser! About now you're saying "yeah, but my current solution will run on ANY browser, ANYWHERE!" Guess what, you're right, but using the CrossOver plugin for Linux, BSD, and Solaris (all ship it standard now), ActiveX components are compatible with just about every browser on every platform.


DanilloYou raise some good points. Regarding the slant todwras EMCAScript-262 (oops, I mean Javascript), it's because it seems so widespread. My guess is 93% :-) of scripted pages incorporate JS.ActiveX has such a bad security rep that it's probably not viable anytime soon. The key is markup and script, flowing together as text, from the server. Nothing hidden inside an executable (or a JVM class)... pure text...


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Une valeur explicite de la colonne identité de la table '%1!' ne peut être spécifiée que si la liste des colonnes est utilisée et si IDENTITY_INSERT est défini sur ON.


Sólo puede especificarse un valor explícito para la columna de identidad de la tabla '%1!' cuando se usa una lista de columnas e IDENTITY_INSERT es ON.


Ein expliziter Wert für die Identitätsspalte in der '%1!'-Tabelle kann nur angegeben werden, wenn eine Spaltenliste verwendet wird und IDENTITY_INSERT auf ON festgelegt ist.


È possibile specificare un valore esplicito per la colonna Identity nella tabella '%1!' solo quando si utilizza un elenco di colonne e IDENTITY_INSERT ha valore ON.


Значение столбца идентификаторов в таблице %1! может указываться явно только при использовании списка столбцов и когда IDENTITY_INSERT установлен в ON.


列リストが使用されていて、IDENTITY_INSERT が ON のときに限り、テーブル '%1!' の ID 列に明示的な値を指定できます。


테이블 '%1!'에 있는 ID 열의 명시적 값은 열 목록이 사용되고 IDENTITY_INSERT가 ON일 때만 지정할 수 있습니다.


仅当使用了列列表并且 IDENTITY_INSERT 为 ON 时,才能为表'%1!'中的标识列指定显式值。

Traditional Chinese

位於資料表 '%1!' 的識別資料行其外顯值只有當使用了資料行清單且 IDENTITY_INSERT 為 ON 時才能指定。